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Glass art commissions and repairs - glass blowing private lessons at Firehouse Glass

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         Private Lessons in Vancouver, Washington

Firehouse Glass has the highest caliber instructors who offer private lessons seven days a week for groups or individuals, from beginner through advanced skill levels in each of the following studios: hot shop, cold shop, warm shop, and torch working/ bead making studio.  The real beauty of private lessons is the ability to customize the student's education at a comfortable pace for each individual.  Private lessons cost $35/ hour for the instructor's time plus the rate for the studio.  Up to three students can split the cost of the instructor's time in the Hot Shop.  A four hour private lesson in the Hot Shop is $280 for one, two, or three students.  The other studio rates are charged per person, but the instructor's time can still be split among students.  Contact us for rates and availability by calling 360.695.2660 or via email at


Firehouse Glass artists specialize in making custom glass pieces and in doing large scale commission work for designers, architects, and private clients.  We offer high quality work at competitive rates.  No job is too large or too small.  Please contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss your ideas.  

          Repairs and Replicas

Firehouse Glass also repairs broken glassware when possible.  When a piece of glass is broken beyond repair we can often replicate the form and color to replace the irreparable item.  Sometimes replication is the only option when sentimentally valuable work is damaged.  Please contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss your repair needs.

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